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Albatros D.Va

Famous german fighter of the second part of WW1, this aircraft can be easily recognized with its streamlined monocoque wooden fuselage.

Two aircrafts are being finished and will be equipped with 180hp Mercedes D.IIIa engines.

Morane-Saulnier AI Type XXIX

As an unfortunate competitor to the Spad XIII, the Morane AI didn't meet the same glory as the Spad. It had a much greater success after the war as an aerobatic aircraft (especially flown by Alfred Fronval) and also as a trainer.

Two original units are in our workshop and being restored to the genuine military standard as type XXIX, each with two machine guns and an original 160hp Gnome engine.

Morane AI MS35xx.jpg

Aviatik C.I


There is only a sole survivor of this German two-seater today. It belongs to the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History of Brussels, and Memorial Flight was entrusted the static restoration of this unique aircraft.

Two additional units will be build to airworthy conditions with original engines.

Morane-Saulnier MS.60 Moth

De Havilland built a successful and reliable airplane with the DH.60, equipped with a Gipsy engine.

As Morane-Saulnier was trying to gather more orders from civil customers, the French manufacturer acquired the licensed to build their own versions of the DH.60 which were known as "Morane Moth". Some details differ from the original british model.

The very first Morane Moth brought fame to the French woman aviator Maryse Hilsz when she completed the long-distance flight : Paris-Saïgon-Paris.

Memorial Flight acquired a Moth project that will be completed as Maryse Hilsz aircraft, F-AJOE, in its long-distance flight configuration.


Polikarpov I-153

The I-153 is a Russian biplane fighter, recognizable with its upper wing in the shape of a seagull. The Musée de l'Air I-153 is the last almost complete example in the world.

Memorial Flight was able to do significant research to find the origin of this airplane and its unusual history.

Restoration, entrusted to Memorial Flight, was put on hold, and the aircraft is currently back to storage at the museum.

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