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One aiworthy reproduction (left the Memorial Flight fleet)

One original being restored

This two-seater reconnaissance and artillery spotting aircraft was designed by Willy Sabresky, hired by  LVG : Luftverkehrsgesellschaft (Aero Transport Company) after he resigned from DFW, where he had been responsible for the C V.

No wonder that he designed for his new Company a refinement of the C V: the CVI. PSomewhat lighter and better streamlined, the prototype made its maiden flight in January 1918. The aircraft soon became a favourite with the crews, although it only soldiered for 6 months before the war ended. On the other hand its flattering reputation kept on until the twenties in civilian use. The engine was the 230 HP Benz Bz.IV. The armament was a Parabellum machine gun manned by the observer and a fixed LMG 08/15 Spandau on the right hand side of the engine cowling.

Most of the C.VI that survived were handed over to the allied after the armistice.

Ancre 1

The LVG CVI 9041/18

Memorial Flight is currently restoring the original Musée de l'Air's LVG C.VI n° 9041/18.

This restoration, as well as the study of the original aircraft of Brussel's Armed Forces and Military History Museum, Memorial Flight took this fantastic opportunity to build an exact airworthy reproduction LVG C.VI. This reproduction was first completed, using the original aircraft as a pattern. Since then, the restoration is in progress.

The history of n° 9041/18 is unknown. It was obtained through a trade between Brussel's Armed Forces and Military History Museum and the French Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace.

While retsoring the aircraft it was found that it was "sabotaged" (one of the rear fuselage frame was cut in half on purpose). It appears that LVG C.VI n° 9041/18 has never flown.


LVG C.VI n° 9041/18 on display at the Musée de l'Air in Chalais-Meudon in August 1980

The LVG C.VI airworthy reproduction

As no drawings were available, the restoration of the original Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace' aircraft was a unique opportunity to see an LVG C.VI aircraft fly once again.

Memorial Flight decided to build an exact reproduction, copying each part of the original aircraft, one by one. Every detail and characteristic : materials, technics, markings, etc. were accurately reproduced.

Finished as Lt Weymar and Lt Haselhoff's LVG C.VI in September 1918, it flies with an original Benz Bz.IV engine.

The aircraft is now part ot The Vintage Aviator Ltd collection in New-Zealand.


Lt Weymar and Lt Haselhoff boarding their LVG C.VI on September 18th 1918

Ancre 2

Building the LVG C.VI reproduction

Restoring LVG C.VI n° 9041/18



The cockpit.


The observer station.