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Welcome to Memorial Flight's new website !

Some more updates and improvement are yet to come...

You can still visit our previous website.

Preserving aeronautical heritage

Memorial Flight is a non profit organization created in March 1988 which aims to preserve French and European aeronautical heritage. Thanks to a close partnership with the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace, our action is mainly focused on an interesting period of our history in the field of technology and mankind: the First World War.

The Association started with the complex restoration of an original SPAD XIII C1, and then restored to airworthy conditions several aircrafts (S.E.5a, Fokker Dr.I, Blériot XI², Morane AI, etc.). Memorial Flight now owns and operate a Sopwith 1B2 Strutter, a Fokker D.VII F, a B.E.2f and of course a SPAD XIII.


Some other aircrafts are currently being restored or rebuilt such as two Albatros D.Va, an Aviatik C.I and two Morane-Saulnier AI type XXIX.

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